Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Poolside Shots

The lovely pool.

This one is to show (primarily my friend, Dawn) all that on occasion I will "suit up". I don't swim - yet. Yet. I'm thinking about learning now that I'm almost 40. I didn't learn when I was young, because I had tubes in my ear drums five different times, spanning the time I would have normally bothered to learn. Then, after the last set of tubes came out, I thought "I'm not missing anything" and "I'm scared to get water in my ears" and "it doesn't look that fun and I hate being wet". Now that I'm in "hot arsed" Hawaii, I'm rethinking this.
Some nice Red Ginger.
A view of a building looming over the pool.
*pics taken by me*
I accidentally, somehow, managed to delete the pic of SB going into the hot tub . . . I'm too lazy to put it back in.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful!! Beautiful photography too, good job!

    We would not be bored, I love the water, being by it, the pool or the ocean!! We'd be there every day!! Here in MN, we are by the "wading pool" almost every day, water just makes everything cooler!