Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aloha, Friends

A friend of mine suggested that I journal about our Hawaiian adventures separately from my main blog and my "cooking" blog, so that is what the intention is with this blog. I will post mainly our adventures here. For example, when we go to the zoo, Diamond Head, hiking anywhere around the island, travel to another island, or when we go to North Shore. There will be pictures and commentary - just like a regular travel journal.

My intention is to continue to blog mainly from Ora et Labora (my other blog) at .

I must be insane, but here I go again.

Today we spent time in/at the pool at the hotel and some time at the beach on Waikiki. We had our first shave ice, too. They were huge, but so refreshing in the heat of the day. Mine was pina colada. Yum. I'm the only one who finished theirs. It's just juicey ice! My kids all said the same thing: it's making my tummy hurt. Too sweet and cold, I reckon. Well, I chunk on ice often so I'm used to having no feeling in my gullet. Ha. I have feeling there, just I'm used to the insides being chilled.

Mahalo for your patience as I get this up and running in the next few weeks. I don't know if my husband will allow me to upload the camera software on this laptop and if not, I have to wait until we have a place to live and can use one of our PC's. Either way, though, pictures can be added later. That may be the route I have to take.


  1. Mahalo! Looking forward to seeing the island through your eyes. Is this your first excursion from the mainland US? You are now a mere 7230 miles from London! :)

  2. You know I've romped around Victoria B.C.Canada, but it's still "mainland". Did you have to tell me the distance from London?????? I'm going to cry now. :)

  3. You have to take a drive to the North Shore and stop at Matsumoto's, the home of Shave Ice. I miss it!

  4. You aren't the first to say this about Matsumoto's. We hope to get up there next weekend, but we are pretty much focusing on finding a house/place to rent for 1-3 months first . . . some things are lining up now so hope to have that solved this week and then we can settle back and relax. A nice shave ice would be a good way to celebrate! And, I'll take a trip down to St. Augustine's soon. Thanks for the tip!