Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Honolulu Zoo

With a military discount, we got in for $13! Otherwise it would have been $25 - which in my books is still rather reasonable. It's a small zoo, but a nice walkabout. Some exhibits were without critters . . . I always wonder where the critters have gone off to. Then, some exhibits have shy critters (i.e. the hyena, the lion, the orangutan). But, other than that, it's a quaint little hour to spend. We skipped the kiddie part (basically domestic animals - ah, yeah, they smell terrible) and we skipped the gift shop (don't tell anyone, 'kay?). This sign was cute. I've been to two of the zoos on this sign. If you can guess the two correctly, I may send you some shortbread cookies shaped like pineapples.

Gotta love these turtles. How funny are they?
This honking huge tortoise swam over to check us out partly above water at first, then it disappeared in the water and we could barely make it out when he got to us and popped back up for a peek. We laughed so hard. Look at his nostrils. I love nostrils.
This bird was in the enclosure that was supposed to have some warthog in it, I think. No warthog. There was a mama peacock and chicks though. This bird acted as if it was the proud papa . . . it came over straight away to tell us to mind our own business. I think that's what it was on about. I clucked at it and it "charged" at us and clacked back!
This is one of the five Sumatran tigers at the zoo. So worth seeing. We were lucky they weren't all just lying about. This one got up and moved around and even snarled a bit.
The kids with a peacock. They could name this zoo the Peacock Zoo. There are that many of these things flocking about.
And, this is the gratuitous shot. He's so cute when he gets to experience live animals. My happy boy.


  1. How about Seattle and San Diego Zoo?
    Looks like you had a great time and no one looks too hot! :)

  2. Ugh, Dawn, you beat me to it. Those were the two I was going to pick. I'll say Seattle and San Francisco.

  3. I am guessing Seattle and San Diego. Hope I win, but probably won't as Dawn beat me!

  4. Dawn, you must want shortbread or that tot you're growing does! I may send you some. They have some that are coconut macadamia dipped in dark chocolate with a light coating of tiny coconut flecks. YUM! They would melt enroute, though. The company suggests not shipping the choco. dipped ones until "winter months" (another word: not right now). However, they have these mini ones (pineapple shaped) with choco chips in them that are delish . . . I'll add that and some of the passionfruit ones. YUM! So, YOU WIN!

    Gals, gals, give Dawn a break - she's known me a long time and, she would know this stuff. I may have to send sympathy packs later on. :)

  5. I would have guessed Seattle and San Diego too. Glad to see you are out having a little fun (besides, you can't stay in a hotel all day).

  6. I finally got my arse over here to see what all the hub-bub was all about.

    Awesome nostrils! My favorite pic next to the little birdy in the hand.

    Hard to really think of you way way over there. What an adventure. Keep us posted!

  7. that littlest boy of yours is so stinkin' cute...he has a darling face. don't tell him i said so though. boys can be so shy about that kind of thing.....and when i look at the zoo sign i see that you are really only about 2590 miles away from visiting me! :)

  8. Erika - yup; i'm steppin' out and doin' stuff. I amaze myself sometimes.

    GK - hope you'll keep poppin' by to see HI with us.

    Kissteen - you'll like my jab at your sweating carpet layer in my newest post. :)

    regan - he is shy about that kind of thing, but he's grateful for compliments. He's so cute when he thinks something else is cute. :)
    Yeah, we're maybe closer now than when I lived in MD? I am not sure of it, but probably.