Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Pictures to Beautify this Space

Here's a mama and her ducklings . . . they followed her until she must have signaled them to go to the other side of the chain link fence. They popped through the links . . . but mama couldn't find the opening herself. By this time more people were coming and she panicked and scooted further up the line and her babies popped back out and followed her. Cute stuff!

Here we are on our way to the Zoo (more pics of that tomorrow). Live birds! I love this! We were so hot and sweaty by the time we got to this point (about two blocks from the zoo) I was about to throw in the towel. Come to find out, today has been one of O'ahu's hottest days on record. Yes, that is a cookie bag. Ever eat a shortbread cookie from HI? Yum.
Waikiki beach. The kids were just touching the Pacific for the first time. Awwww shucks.
Okay, I had my turn, too. I don't think it's fair I have a huge arse. Really. I should be able to eat a lot of anything I want (like those Honolulu Cookie Company shortbreads, for example) without such negative consequences. Oh, but if it stays hot, I may sweat out all the calories.
A flower I never tire of: hibiscus. Gorgeous. My girl has a photographers eye.


  1. Yeah!! I found some Hawaii photos =) They are so beautiful. Do you feel like you are just on vacation? Or does it feel like you're really living there? Love that hibiscus. It's a favorite of mine, too.

  2. Sarah, the hibiscus comes in many colours so it's just nice 'cos they are everywhere in all colours. It feels like we are in limbo, actually. Part holiday, part living, and part drifting. It is HARD to find a month to month rental that meets our criteria (affordable and yet, not too much of an obvious vacation spot w/ ammenities we don't need but will have to pay for). We have one place we think we'll be taking and well, it won't be a bad place at all to rest out the next 2-3 months while we wait for a house on base. But, man oh man are we living here. Yeah?

  3. This blog is great!!! So great to see pictures of where you are! Those birds are beautiful, but that beach is well, just heavenly...you know what I mean, right?

  4. The Pacific Ocean. Awesome. Love the ducks and the pictures of everybody. Enjoy!

  5. yeah! HI pictures! and that hibiscus is GORGEOUS!!! she does have quite an "eye", doesn't she! hey, did you change your email, 'cause i tried writing to you the other nite about that coffee you were drinking and it kept bouncing back...i'll try the yahoo one...no need to respond unless i have a problem again.

  6. yes, to all: if you want to email me, our other acct. is bonkers so email me at Sarahs.Journey(at)yahoo(dot)com.