Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spam - It Hits the Spot

First a nice shot of the waves at the beach yesterday.

Spam - It hits the spot.

Well, not my spot, but plenty of people out there are supporting Hormel's product of gelatinous meat product. Apparently it is a BIG deal here in Hawaii.

I would like to buy a can of the innocuous stuff, but I'm quite frankly afraid to. Even in the name of science. Why? When I was a child, I vaguely remember someone opening a can of Spam and it making that sickening vacuumed sucking sound as it - and what looked like clear to mildly yellow jell-o - plopped out onto a plate. Yuck! I am a visual person. Back then, I could hear fairly well, too, so I was an audio person as well. The two together created a deep-seated fear of Spam.

Irrational as it is, it is.

Until I went to a cabin owned by my SIL and her husband, gracious folks that they are. Her MIL made some delicious Japanese fare . . . with Spam! I ate it. I knew what it was before I ate it. I did not want to offend anyone and also, it did not look like it did "way back when". It was pretty good. A nice, salty, hammy taste and texture.

I found in the commissary the other day that they even sell the stuff in vacuum-sealed packets in single, fully cooked slices. I almost caved.

I'm just that afraid of the glop and liquid that may surround this product. I have heard that it is not like that any more . . . but still . . .

So, the kind of Spam I've been buying does come in a Spam can . . . but its contents are 130 pieces of puzzle. We have all four of the puzzles currently offered. Here's a group picture. I'm sure if we decided to eat the puzzles with a little salt, it might come close to what Spam tastes like. I'm kidding!

When I finally do "cave" to the crave . . . or mere curiosity, I will definitely blog about it.

This is what we do when we live in Hawaii and it's threatening Tropical Storm Felicia. Puzzles, sew, and wait. I do not know what we are waiting for. I do hope it is absolutely nothing. We can have a lot of fun with nothing going on.