Monday, September 7, 2009

Pineapple Haven Part Deux

Proof that pineapples have nuts inside.

Squirrel Boy had to be in the Uke one.
Teenie requested a pose here.
I just think Teenie is delicious here.
Crickles and a tiny ass pineapple. I drew some attention as I laughed (cackled, more like) at some of the tiniest pineapple evah!

Oh, look! Home is just seventeen miles away.
For your reading entertainment (click to enlarge).
More reading for you. Hey, this stuff is interesting!

Very pretty fruit.

More in a post below.


  1. I love the Dole Plantation! Everyone here on the mainland always thought that pineapples grew on trees or bushes. They never believed me that they grow off of the ground on a stalk.

    Did you feed the koi? Those are some crazy fish lol

  2. Allison, Dahling, I had no idea they had koi there . . . in the pond (where they feel the need to tell you not to swim there?) or is it in the garden tour (we'll do that next time). I love koi. Have you been to the Hawaii Hilton where they have that lovely walk through garden with the flamingos and other tropical birds . . . they have loads of koi there.

  3. The koi aren't in the garden tour, we never did that. They're kind of to the right when you're walking through the area where they show the different pineapples. There's a feeding container too so you can pay to feed them (at least there was a couple years ago when we went..) I say they're crazy because it's like a sea of koi smacking their lips at the surface.

    Let's see... here's one picture of them I actually had on my photobucket (not sure if links work in the comments section?)

    I do know that we walked through the Hilton, but I don't know that we ever saw any birds. Perhaps we didn't walk through it all.

    Man, you're making me want to go back! Thankfully my sister is talking of hoping to get moved back there after they're done in Italy. So hopefully they'll get to go back.

  4. Another post from me! I was trying to see if I could find a map of the layout of the plantation, but I didn't. But I found this brochure, and in it it has a coupon for if you buy 2 dole whip cones, you get a regular size whip free. Maybe you saw this already, but if not just thought I'd share, since I'm all about saving money!

  5. I love your pictures! Your first comment cracked me up! Same kind of thing I would say! The pink pineapples are darling...they are little and PINK! Who could ask for more?!?

  6. I love your crafty bloggy, Loralynn! I'm glad you came by.