Monday, September 7, 2009

Pineapple Haven

Labour Day at Dole. The weather was perfect in the late morning. We have already determined to return for the garden tour and train ride another time. Many reviews I have read say the train is hokey for the money, but we're a hokey going family. I would rather have the experience than not. Then I can call it what I want.

Worth the price tag, actually. Pay the dosh and get lost.
Here's the kids before we all got separated.
Hey! there's Teenie behind the hedge!! I might get outta this place if I put the camera away.
Just minutes under an hour, Chief had us safely navigated through the maze. Good thing. I had to piss like a racehorse.


  1. That's okay..someone probably would have just thought it was pineapple juice...........ROFL!!! Ah-ha!!!
    This was fun..thanks for sharing girlie Q!
    Your kids are so cute and are too by golly!

  2. Either I'm experiencing an heat flash or I'm just feelin' chuffed to bits over that kind comment!!!!!

    Okay, here's a little thing I said a LONG time ago at a family reunion (husband's dad's side) and my kids were very little (Crickles wasn't walking yet). We were all sitting around talking about tatoos. I spoke up (or was it the beer I'd been drinking???) and said, "I sure wish they'd come up with scratch and sniff tatoos. Now that would be fun!" Later I said, "I would like to get a tattoo of a trail of piss going down my leg - that would be funny!"

    I'm in need of help, you see. Ahem.

  3. Ahem. I hope that was the beer you were drinking. I am so happy to see you guys out and about taking in the sites. That must mean that the hubby is not at work 24/7! Excellent!

  4. Some day I will get to HI and go to that maze - what a hoot!

  5. Paula - the maze was hilarious. When we were back out in the parking lot (after the whip eats and "tourist trap" shopping) I said, "Honey, I was sooooo good in that there maze, wasn't I? I was going to bits inside about the kids being separated from each other . . . but I didn't go verbalizing it constantly . . . I tried really hard to enjoy myself stuck in the maze not knowing where my kids were." He just laughed. It's true, though. I was concentrating on not concentrating on their absence. I worried most about Crickles 'cos eventually the older two found us and stayed together . . . btw, Crickles had been stalking us (the parents) the whole time . . .

  6. This is so funny. I would be lost in a maze forever. Going round and round and peeing somewhere in the maze.

    Sounds like a swell (bladder) of a time.

  7. Wow! I went there 20 years ago! Love the photos!

  8. Angela M. - come back and visit! We'll get lost in the maze and gorge on whip later! Then, you can come back to my house and I'll feed you some good foods I learned to make from all my meets and greets and friends in the military!

  9. hello there, Hawaii becomes you!

    glad you're enjoying all it has to offer!!!