Wednesday, September 2, 2009

U.S.S. Utah Memorial

On Sunday, my husband took Crickles and I to see the U.S.S. Utah memorial on Ford Island. When we got home, I vowed to go back and take pictures . . . so I went back with my older two yesterday and took some pictures. I have to say, I went to a website USSUtah and read more about this ship and crew. You can go there, too, if the fancy strikes you. The sad truth is: if I did not live here, I never would have known this memorial existed. My life is richer for the knowing - people died here (even if the Japanese during the time did not want to target this training ship to begin with . . . ) defending our freedom. In the years since the war, how many of us truly hold dear the meaning of the word "freedom"?

Teenie with some of the rusted ship behind her. Click on pictures to enlarge, if you like.

The dock with the plaques.
This is the plaque my kids are reading in the prior picture.
Flag pole plaque.
Rest in peace, those who died here.
The U.S.S. Utah was a battleship built in 1909 in New Jersey. During her time in Pearl Harbor, she was a training ship. An interesting fact, sadly, is that there is also the remains of a twin child here. Apparently, the father was going to have a burial at sea for her, but when the ship was struck, her ashes went down with the ship.
These pictures don't do it justice, to tell the truth. I'm not angry about this. Disgusted and sad. As a mother, it really tears at my heart.

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