Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pretty Pictures to Share with You

I have no idea what many of these trees are called, but they are beautiful. These pictures were taken by Moi at Punchbowl. I hope you'll let me know if you enjoyed them. To see them in more detail, click on them to enlarge. More pictures and commentary are on my other blog: .

Okay, I didn't take this one. Teenie did. She's so good. Daddy so bad!
Here's Crickles, feeling all better after a bout with his body dealing with immunizations. He is fascinated by coconuts.
I do know this one: umbrella tree.


  1. These are incredibly Beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with me. You are very talented with a camera! Cathy

  2. GK - gosh! I usually don't get so lucky with my little camera! My girl usually takes the pictures, but I decided to follow some advice of a few other bloggers and just click click click . . . I appreciate your compliment immensely! I can't wait to find out what some of those trees are. Oh, and that bush thing with the red flowers.

  3. Love the Jasmine. I bet is just smells glorious there.

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