Monday, July 6, 2009

Lovely Mass

We attended Mass at the lovely St. Augustine by-the-sea in Waikiki yesterday morning. Parking was a bit difficult, but Mass was good. The homily was poignant and timely (at least for this gel). Apparently the priest is leaving next week for Rome . . . finishing up the canonisation stuff of Fr. Damien, if I heard correctly.

I'm almost finished reading "Hawaii". Except for all the whoring and meanness of some of the male characters, which included the constant use of "g-d d---" (I abhor the use of it, frankly), it's a good book. Not much was said about Father Damien's role in the leper colony (a main character dies there and there is mention of his landing there and then later his death), but I have his story in another book on my shelf to read later. Thanks be to God! What a fine servant of the Lord Damien was to those people (who were forgotten).

I have a busy week ahead with physical appointments for kids so we can register them for school; and, registering them for school. There is much coffee to be consumed as well.


  1. Attended Mass there when in Hawaii on vacation. Really beautiful light, thank you for posting.

  2. How beautiful! I wonder what the light was like on the inside! Good luck with registration!

  3. Next time I'll remember to bring my camera (I swiped that pic off their website, should have mentioned that) and take pics inside. It's really nice. It was built in 1960 something, but the congregation has been around 155 years. Pretty cool!