Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy Bees

That's one thing I see rarely here: bees. When I finally saw one near the Queen Lillies the other day, I stopped to watch it a while. They usually make me flee, because I have this strange notion that if I stand by they'll come and sting me. I hate being stung. It's very irrational of me.

Anyhow, this morning I am driving (for the second time) the kids to the base clinic to check their tuberculosis tests and then popping over to my youngest son's school to register him. I think they are having a uniform sale today as well. I'll check that out. If I read correctly on line, it's buy five shirts and get one free. Six shirts? Before I judge on that, I'll find out what he needs.

After that, we are going to come back to the condo and "play" tennis at the courts here. We will actually be banging the ball back and forth, no real scoring and not really playing as we haven't a clue, but the kids want to try it in real life as opposed to on the Wii. We bought rackets and balls last night . . .

. . . should be fun.


  1. How were the courts? I was telling hubby about your 29th floor window views..scary! But on the bright side, you can say you live in million dollar apt! Wow! You've hit the big time! :)

  2. The courts need a little TLC, but they are nice enough. SB hit two balls over the wall into the other buildings area (never will see those again), because it doesn't take much and it is quite windy on the 6th floor. We lasted about thirty minutes.

    I'll take pics of this big time place and let you see it's really not all that. I think it's the view and location as to why it's big time. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but it's not what I'd use my money for. I want land.